Gozo, a Digital Nomad Destination

There are many advantages in living a digital nomad’s lifestyle. Freedom of movement is a underestimated freedom we have and most of us give it up so easily. One of my favourite places to spend time in the Mediterranean climate is Gozo. Why Gozo ?
Gozo is cheaper than Malta, its cleaner than Malta and its less congested which allows you to do your thing and enjoy the beauty this island has to offer. We have a beautiful sea with a choice of sandy or rocky beaches, deep or shallow waters and crystal clear water.


Gozo is the little sister island of Malta situated in the beautiful mediterranean sea. Part of the EU and the Schengen Area its is a little quiet paradise with beatull landscapes, beaches and History.

The Maltese archipelago, consists of three islands:

  • Malta
  • Gozo
  • Comino

Why is Gozo ideal for Digital Nomads ?

  • Affordable Housing rents
  • Safe Environment
  • Great weather (300+ days of sun)
  • Great web technology work opportunities in Malta
  • Nice people
  • English speaking (mostly)

All European citizens can enter freely, while others visiting from other continents would need to obtain a tourist visa (Usually 3 months).

It’s also worth noting that there are lots of work opportunities related to IT here in Malta, mainly due to the large influx of gaming companies during the past few years. These companies look very favourably on employment of foreigners, so you can supplement your digital nomad business with some extra cash working part-time at one of these companies if required. This makes Malta a great place to start your adventure if you do not yet have enough income from your online ventures to support yourself.

Whilst in Gozo you can take advantage of the opportunities Malta has to offer without being burdened by having to live in the mayhem of Malta.

Malta is very well connected with most European cities.
Athens – 1hr 30
Berlin – 2hr 40
Brussels – 2hr 30
Budapest  – 1hr 35
Cyprus – 2hr 30
Dublin – 3hr 30
Istambul – 2hr 15
London  – 3hr 05
Luxemburge – 2hr 25
Madrid – 2hr 10
Paris – 2hr 20
Prague – 2hr 15
Rome – 1hr 10
Sofia – 1hr 45
Stockholm – 3hr 40
The Hague – 2hr 45
Vienna – 2hr 00
Vilnius – 3hr 00


Malta offers a very stable climate for filmmaking. Besides the long hours of bright sunshine, Malta offers an average of 8.1 hours of day light during the year.