Places to see around Gozo include

Inland Sea
The Inland Sea, sometimes called Qawra in Maltese and also known as Dwejra, is a lagoon of seawater on the island of Gozo linked to the Mediterranean Sea through an opening formed by a narrow natural arch.

Fungus Rock
, sometimes known as Mushroom Rock,[2] and among the Maltese as Il-Ġebla tal-Ġeneral (English: The General’s Rock), is a small islet in the form of a 60-metre-high (200 ft) massive lump of limestone at the entrance to an almost circular black lagoon in Dwejra, on the coast of Gozo, itself an island in the Maltese archipelago. Fungus Rock is located at 36°02′45″N 14°11′27″E and falls within the jurisdiction of the town of San Lawrenz.

Ramla Bay
is located at the bottom of a rich and fertile valley on the northern side of the island of Gozo. Gozo is one of the Maltese islands. The village of Xagħra, located on one of the hills of Gozo, overlooks this valley. It is about a forty-minute walk from Xagħra to the bay. The bay can also be reached from the village of Nadur. Bus service to the beach is very regular. The terraced walls built by the farmers give the valley an appearance of a quilt when viewed from the high ridges surrounding it.

Fontana Springs A village on the island of GozoMalta, with a population of 985 people (as of March 2014)

Rotunda of Xewkija The Church of Saint John the Baptist, commonly known as the Rotunda of Xewkija or Xewkija Rotunda, is a Roman Catholic church in XewkijaGozoMalta.

Traditional Saltpans On the north coast of Gozo, just past Qbajjar Bay west of Marsalforn, the coast is characterised by a chequerboard of rock-cut saltpans protruding into the sea. These 350-year-old salt pans, which stretch about 3km along the coast, are more than just scenic.

Zeppi’s Pub Gozo is not complete without a visit to Zepppi’s pub. An iconic venue with live bands a couple of times a week. A great place to meet the locals and other tourists in the heart of Qala.

The Citadel (Cittadella) Before you have fully passed under the archway into the Citadel, you will be welcomed by the majestic sight of Gozo Cathedral, across the small square at the top of a wide flight of steps guarded by two 17th-century bronze cannons.

St George’s Basilica The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Blessed Virgin of Ta’ Pinu (MalteseSantwarju Bażilika tal-Madonna ta’ Pinu) is a Roman Catholic minor basilica and national shrine located some 700 metres (2,300 ft) from the village of Għarb on the island of Gozo, the sister island of Malta. The church is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin of Ta’ Pinu. The basilica is located in open countryside which allows visitors to enjoy beautiful views of the area and is of great national importance to Gozitans everywhere.