Digital Nomads Gozo

is looking to become the resource for Digital Nomads wanting to spend time in the Little Paradise Island called Gozo.
Situated 20 minutes away from Malta, Gozo offers Digital Nomads the opportunity of chilled out living,  good weather and  access to technology resources the likes of Malta and Europe

Need to get out of the fast lane to focus on a project ? Gozo is a perfect place to get away from distractions whilst still being able to enjoy life.  With beautiful beaches,  cafe’s, restaurants and great walks the island is a perfect spot for experiencing the central Mediterranean.

We strive to continuously find new content including new Activities in Gozo, New walks around Gozo, Guided tours, island information and accommodation. Being a digital nomad is a great way to travel and see the world while maintaining a source of income.
Gozo is an ideal digital nomad base as its Technology infrastructure is adequate and it is relatively cheap to live here.

If you have an idea to add to this website please get in touch !!!
We are always looking for ways to provide more value to people who are looking for Gozo / Nomads related stuff.  

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